Michelle Smith, Sole Finalist for Superintendent

Washington, GA -- The Wilkes County Board of Education continues to make

progress in naming a new superintendent.

The board was tasked with and completed the following duties before
recommending a superintendent.
1) The board considered it imperative to identify the characteristics and qualities desired in a superintendent.
2) A job announcement was approved and disseminated.
3) Applications were reviewed, and candidates qualified and eligible to serve, that appeared to closely align with the desired qualifications were interviewed.

Georgia State law requires the Board to make available to the public documents
concerning as many as three persons under consideration, whom the Board
determines to be best qualified for the position. The law requires this to be
posted publicly at least fourteen (14) calendar days prior to taking final action on
the position.

In the called Board of Education meeting held on August 2, 2023, the Board
named Mrs. Michelle Smith as the sole finalist for the position.

In accordance with state regulations, information on Mrs. Smith will be available
at the Board of Education office and on the website beginning Friday August 4,
2023, for inspection and review. 

Information regarding Michelle Smith