Summer School for Grades 6-8

Dates: May 30 – June 2 ; June 5 - June 22, 2023 (Monday - Thursday)

Time: 7:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Location: W-W Middle/Comprehensive High School

Parent Orientation: To Be Announced

 Summer School will provide a rigorous four-week educational program which will offer remediation and instruction in English/Language Arts (ELA), Math, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) to assist students in obtaining needed academic requirements to meet promotion criteria, fulfill attendance criteria, or receive enrichment. 

 School transportation will be provided for those participating in the summer school program.  Students who wish to leave early will have to be picked up by the parent or someone who has your written authorization.  Arrangements will be made for students participating in fall athletics who will need to attend workout on campus.

 Students will be expected to follow the code of conduct that has been established by WWMS.  Misbehavior will result in a student dismissal from summer school and will likely negatively impact their chances of being placed in the next grade. 

 We encourage you to allow your child to participate so he/she may be considered for placement in his/her next grade

Please return the registration form to school by Monday, May 15th.  You may also access the application here.  Please feel free to contact the school at 706-678-7132 if you have any further questions regarding the summer school program.