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Aha! provides at home Internet service to Wilkes County public school students who live in households which don’t have the Internet. An estimated 40% of Washington-Wilkes students lack internet access at home, almost always for financial reasons. This obstacle to learning is now even more significant because the coronavirus pandemic increased the amount of distance and virtual learning. At home access to the internet is now more important than ever for all students.

To address this learning gap, the Wilkes County Community Partnership developed Aha!, a partnership with Relyant Communications, and the Wilkes County Board of Education. Aha! provides at home Internet service and computer equipment to “Internet Scholars” nominated by Wilkes County Schools, all at no cost to the student or the family. The Wilkes County Community Partnership raises money for these “Internet Scholarships” from individuals and organizations.

Who can apply for an Aha! Internet Scholarship?

Students qualify for consideration in Aha! if: (a) they are enrolled and a current student in a Wilkes County, GA public school, (b) do not have internet service in their home, and (c) are financially disadvantaged. A student will be considered to be financially disadvantaged if they or their parents participate in one of the following programs: Medicaid, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Supplemental Social Security Income (SSI), Federal Public Housing Assistance (Section 8), Veteran’s Pension and/or Survivor Benefits, or if household income is at or below 135% of Federal poverty guidelines. WCCP will consider other criteria as necessary or appropriate.

How are students selected for Aha! Internet Scholarships?

More students will probably apply for Scholarships than there will be funds available. If this happens, WCCP will make final selection decisions based on the recommendations, criteria and priorities of the Wilkes County Board of Education and also internal WCCP criteria and processes. WCCP uses a Committee to make these decisions.

How do you apply for an Aha! Internet Scholarship and where do you get an application?

1. Obtain an application from the Wilkes County Board of Education.

2. Download and print the Aha! Internet Scholarship application linked here.

Where do I submit my completed application?

ALL Aha! Internet Scholarship applications should be submitted directly to the school where the student is enrolled.

Washington Wilkes Middle School   |   1180 Tignall Rd.   |   Washington, GA 30673
|  Fax: 706-678-3546