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Purpose: Whether you know what you want to do or you are unsure, choosing a career or college can be intimidating for you. YouScience is a one of-a-kind discovery profile designed to help you better understand your natural gifts, talents, and abilities and broaden your awareness of career opportunities that match your natural abilities. YouScience uses brain games to gather information on your aptitudes, talents, gifts, and interests with the ability to explore over 500 careers. If you take the assessment seriously, it will give you personalized results which are beneficial in choosing a career that best fits you. Your results are accessible for ten (10) years after taking the assessment. The assessment is FREE to Georgia public school students. Our goal is for every W-WCHS student to complete YouScience before they graduate so they know what their natural gifts and talents are and what careers match those natural gifts and talents.

VIDEO: The Problem YouScience Solves

VIDEO: YouScience Overview


VIDEO: Introducing YouScience

VIDEO: YouScience Results Walkthrough

Results Walkthrough from YouScience on Vimeo.

Sample Aptitudes (Strengths Profile) Results 

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  • Login to Class Link.
  • Select Infinite Campus.
  • Select Campus Student.
  • Select More at the bottom left.
  • Under Quick Links, select SLDS Portal.
  • Click “My Career Plan.”
  • Click “Go to YouScience.”
  • Once YouScience opens, where you see “Aptitudes + Interests = Success,” click “Get Started.”
  • Read and follow on-screen directions.
  • Enter your personal email address and confirm.
  • Enter your password (use your 5-digit password for school and add a 0 (zero) at the end) and confirm. You will need to remember this so you can access the results after graduation.
  • Enter your First Name, Last Name, Zip Code (30673) and State (Georgia).
  • Complete Password Recovery Information.
  • Enter your school name (Washington-Wilkes Comprehensive High School).
  • Begin the assessment.

* The assessment takes approximately 90 minutes to complete. For you do your best, it is suggested that you work in 30-minute increments. Section completion times range from 5 to 12 minutes. Before beginning a section, be sure you have enough time to complete it. If you find that you will not complete a section, be sure to log off.

**ACCESS YouScience from any computer using the Infinite Campus SLDS portal once you have created your account. After you have graduated and no longer have access to Infinite Campus, access YouScience by logging in at Click the “LOG IN TO DISCOVERY” button. Enter your email and password.

***REVIEW YOUR RESULTS 24 hours after completing the assessment. To understand how to review the results, use the guidance in the Results Walkthrough Video above. 

**** Print PDF copies of your Aptitudes (Strengths Profile) and your Describing You Discussion Guide (Aptitude Summary) to save them. Also, PDF print a copy of your Career Matches list (be sure it is in the bulleted list view. Then email all three (3) files to yourself so you have access to them for years to come.  


YouScience is available to individuals at The cost of the assessment is only $29, a small price to pay to learn what your natural gifts and talents are and what careers match those natural gifts and talents. Give it a try!


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